Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pang Zip Yiap Hole In One

Every EB members to contribute RM100 to Mr Pang for his Hole-in-one feat.

List of member paid:-
1) Tan Boon Hau
2) Cham Eu Leng
3) Ivan Chee
4) Phang Kar Peng
5) Lim Thien Fatt
6) Chew Khur Ming
7) Eng Siew Wah
8) Allan Wong
9) Lau Kok Kun
10) KC Boey
11) Adrian Woo
12) Louis Loh
13) Uncle Lye
14) Ng Cheng Weng

Belum bayar:-
1) Billy Yeoh See Ling
2) Danis Tan Seang Leng
3) Dato Dr. Yee Thiam Sun
4) Lim Chin Ming
5) Loh Kooi Chuan
6) Ong Chin Kor
7) Ong Eng Loo
8) Ong Keat Seng
9) Sho Kim Lian

2011 Captain's Cup - 17th July 2011 Mountain View GC

Event: 2011 Captains' Cup
Venue: Mountain View Golf Resort
Date: 17th July 2011
Tee off: 8.00am

Champion: Lim Thien Fatt
1st Runner-up: Chew Khur Ming
2nd Runner-up: Lau Kok Kon
Last 9th: Pang Zip Yiap
Last 6th: Allan Wong
Last 3th: Louise Loh

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Ang Pao Special Medal 13th March 2011

EB Ang Pao Special Medal 2011

Date: 13th March 2011 8am
Venue: Mountain View Golf Resort

Champion: Mr Sho Kim Lian (to belanja "Dont Forget Me" Fish. )
1st Runner-up: Tan Boon How (How?? How always win but always ask for stroke one??)
2nd Runner-up: Denis Tan
4th Place: Lau Kok Kun
5th Place: Phang Kar Peng
6th Place: Pang Zip Yiap
7th Place: Ong Eng Loo

* 4th - 7th lace base on OCB

Full Leaderboard:

Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 EB Committee

Chairman: Tan Boon Hau
Captain: KC Boey
Treasurer: Danis Tan
Auditor: Ong Eng Loo
Organiser: Eng Siew Wah
Secretary: Cham EL

Chaiman's Cup 2010 Dinner & Prize Presentation Ceremony

Jimbaran Restaurant!! Eat eat eat!

Eng, the food okay??

Ini macam lah eat Bali style, pakai tangan, see both KCs demonstrating..

Tan Boon Hau.. look at your fingers...

Louis still wondering how he miss the Eagle Putt from 3 feet earlier...

Dr Yee: How many years already ah Early Bird?

Phang Kar Peng: Beer, beer, and more beer..

Pang, finger licking good!!

Danis: Lai lai Uncle Lye, we take a photo!

Eng: Damm.. why i am so handsome!

Tan Boon Hau: Oi!! Kambing kambing lagi dua!!

Cheers!! Merry Christmas!

Adrian: I want to get married, i want to get married..

2010 Chairman, Uncle Lye.

Uncle Lye: One more song? I want Nobody But You?

Ong Chin Kor: Hmm.. Mr Sho won 2 NTP.. betul ke??

2010 Chairman Uncle Lye and Captain Ong Chin Kor

Captain's Cup 2nd Runner Up: Tan BH

Captains' Cup 1st Runner Up: Pang ZY

Captain's Cup Champion: Chew KM!!! Congrats

Thank you thank you!! Sap Sap sui la!!

Chaiman Trophy NTP Hole #2 Tan Boon Hau, 3 feet but miss birdie putt...

NTP Hole #7 Mr Sho

Mr Sho: Pang, sorry ya, i 'teng' you again..

NTP Hole #13 Mr Pang

NTP Hole #16 Mr Sho (ada gaya)

Nearest to Chairman Ball Winner: Ong Keat Seng (Chairman ball or balls??)

Chaiman Trophy 2nd Runner Up: Sho KL

1st Runner Up: Cham

Champion: Pang Zip Yiap (no horse chase)

New Chairman 2011: Tan Boon Hau!!

Chairman's Cup 2010

Date: 19th Dec, 2010
Venue: Mountain View Golf Resort
Time: 2.00pm

Champion: Pang Zip Yiap - 11 (Nett 63)
1st Runner Up: Cham Eu Leng - 17 (Nett 64)
2nd Runner Up: Sho Kim Lian - 22 (Nett 65)

Danis Tan - 25 (65)
Tan BH - 17 (68)
Allan Wong - 20 (74)
Louis Loh - 32 (74)
Phang KP - 15 (76)
Ong EL -36 (76)
Uncle Lye - 36 (76)
Lim TF - 21 (78)
Ong CK - 14 (80)
Eng SW - 17 (80)
Adrian Woo - 23 (80)
Ong KS - 36 (80)
Boey KC - 28 (82)
Loh KC - 22 (83)
Dato Yee - 36 (88)
Chew Khur Ming - 22 (89)

Novalty Prize Winner (NTP)

Hole #2 - Tan Boon Hau
Hole #7 - Sho Kim Lian
Hole #13 - Pang Zip Yiap
Hole #16 - Sho Kim Lian

Note: Sho Kim Lian won the Par 3 Specialist of the Year Award.

Captain's Cup 2010 - 14th Nov, 2010

Mountain View Golf Resort

Champion: Chew Khur Ming (Nett 67) 25
1st Runner Up: Pang Zip Yiap (Nett 68) 13
2nd Runner Up: Tan Boon Hau (Nett 69) 18

KC. Loh (69)22
Soh KL (69) 22
Lim TF (73) 20
Ong CK (75) 13
Danis Tan (75) 24
Ng CW (76) 10
Loh PC (76) 31
Lye CL (78) 36
Ong KS (78) 36
Boey KC (80) 27
Ong EL (81) 36
Phang KP (82) 14
Eng Siew Wah (82) 16
Allan Wong (87) 19
Dato Yee (89) 36